LearnEnjoy, interactive educative apps on touchscreen tablet, with more than 4000 activities and games

LEARNENJOY solutions are adapted educative contents, on touchscreen tablets, that are like teaching manuals, offering activities that cover the development of a wide range of skills, including communication, play, comprehension, everyday life, preschool skills, corresponding to the development of typical children from 6 months to 6 years of age.

With 3 apps, Basics, Progress and Preschool, corresponding to three different levels of development, and one edutainment app: Kirikou, LearnEnjoy encourages a structured learning curve, step by step… with rigour and smoothness! An integrated progress report allows you to continually evaluate the child’s level.

Our apps are associated with university research programs.

LearnEnjoy, from concrete trainings to monitoring

LearnEnjoy is a group of education and handicap specialists whose mission is to offer innovative, simple and effective solutions for children with special needs. Expertise, motivation to act for an equal access to education, strong link to scientific research are LearnEnjoy’s three main values.

The trainings proposed by LearnEnjoy will allow you to instantly have concrete ideas to make autists progress. They were established with regards to HAS’s and ANESM’s recommendations.

These trainings will allow you to adapt your methods to teach new knowledge and new abilities, to know how to analyze and react to encountered difficulties.

The tools and trainings were created by a team of Education and Health care professionals : psychologists, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, and were tested by parents and specialized institutions.

Who are the apps for?

The LearnEnjoy tools are designed for children and young people with learning difficulties, and with particular needs:

Autism, Down syndrome, developmental disorders.

  • People with disability can learn thanks to a motivating support and a simplified presentation of the exercises, with the objective of improving their present and future quality of life.

  • Parents will enjoy a structured teaching framework divided in 5 axis that allows the child to progress in a developmental way.

  • Independent professionnals will enjoy an evaluation tool that allows them to track the progress and results of up to 15 children.

  • Specialized institutions will enjoy the option to share results amongst professionals, and a teaching material that is respectful of the best practices in education. Individual results can be graphed out and printed to help the teams when they prepare reports and individual programs.

  • For teachers, LearnEnjoy offers an educative content corresponding to school curricula, designed to help pupils with disabilities progress step by step. Inclusive education is fostered.

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3 educative programs

Basics Basics

BASICS teaches the basic comprehension, autonomy and communication skills, as well as the first preschool skills.

Progress Progress

PROGRESS is meant to teach more complex language and cognitive skills, the first conversation skills, to develop abstraction, and to lead to first reading, writing, and mathematics skills.

Preschool PreSchool

PRESCHOOL provides the child with even more possibilities to communicate with the people around him, by increasing its memory skills, using complete sentences, understanding complex instructions. Social rules and emotions are taught. Preschool also provides the basic skills for reading (syllables, words) and goes further regarding mathematics skills.

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Much more than just apps…


Personalized progress reports, to be shared between parents and professionals


Personalize the activities with your pictures and instructions


An offline mode, for when you don’t have access to wi-fi


An independent mode with which the child can learn by himself, or and assisted mode

You can track and share the results in real time, thanks to an evaluation tool that guarantees a balanced program, allowing you to know the successful activities and the ones the child has most difficulty with.

You can add your own pictures and instructions in order to increase the motivation to communicate.

If data connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) is not available, the LearnEnjoy Apps can be switched to an Offline mode

The apps can be used by the kid on his own, to rehearse on activities he already started with an adult, or with the assisted mode.

Our partners in France

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We are looking for new international partners to support our development ! Feel free to contact us on contact@learnenjoy.com


« I use LearnEnjoy applications for teaching sessions. The different levels of increasing difficulty and the wide range of subjects allow me to work with children from kindergarten to primary school on observation, logics, oral comprehension, and reading. Thus I would say it’s an appropriate educative tool. And the touchscreen tablet is a real attractive support for people with autism, whatever their current level. »

Logo seul small Marie-Virginie Quentin
Teacher in a specialized institution.

« I’ve been using the LearnEnjoy apps for a year with children with autism, young or older ones. The three progressive levels have helped me as a guideline for some of them. For others, the apps where more like a reinforcer ! Finally, these apps allowed me during observation or assessments to check if a particular skill was present or not. »

Logo seul small Stephanie Daniel

« Fun and ergonomic, the LearnEnjoy apps that are developed for touchscreen tablets are really well conceived for children with autism. The research we conducted showed that children were really motivated to participate in the exercices and that learning might me enhanced.»

Logo seul small Marion Wolff
Professor, Paris Descartes University

« This real complete application allows me to teach the independence on everyday life tasks, communication skills, and cognitive learning. We can track the evolution of the child, let him work on his own or with someone. I like the fact that you have different instructions for a single exercise, that works on generalization. This is like having various applications in one single tool that mixes games and educational exercises, which is a real plus compared to other apps. My child showed emerging skills that I could not imagine before. »

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